BlastBox Messaging Services

Do you want to increase your customers and improve upon your customer loyalty? Are you worried about how to get your promotional messages across to your clients? Do you want to increase your business revenue? Then look no further, the best solution is here. Just signup ( our Bulk SMS platform and all these will be things of the past. Our Bulk SMS platform makes it possible to send SMS messages to your clients and business partners on the fly. Use our platform to build that cordial business relationship between your company and your clients and business partners.

Are you a religious organization, educational organization, groups and associations, real estate company, distribution company, government or non-governmental organization, Oil and Gas company,Event organization,Hotel, an individual? You can use BlastBox to achieve your marketing and notification needs by reaching your audience right on their phones.

Our Bulk Sms platform allows you to send messages to national and international mobile networks. You can also be able to use the system to schedule messages and have them delivered at your convenience without your presence.


With BlastBox, we help you

  1. Save time
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Increase clientele and customer loyalty
  4. Reach large audience with minimum marketing budget

Some Features

  1. Easy SMS Scheduling
  2. Easy organization of Contacts into groups
  3. SMS Personalization
  4. Easy Creation of Multiple Sender IDs
  5. Readily accessible top up history
  6. Generation of API keys
  7. Easily track SMS delivery status and credit deduction
  8. Easy Contacts importation
  9. Easily Export your contacts

Some Use Cases

  1. Send notifications on financial transactions
  2. Send notifications on hotel reservations
  3. Send notifications on school fees payment
  4. Send notifications on school exams results to parents
  5. Effect bill payments via SMS
  6. Reach targeted customers via SMS
  7. Sending Events updates and notifications via SMS
  8. Sending notification on Stock and exchange rates in financial markets
  9. Sending promotions and discounts via SMS to clients
  10. Loan applications via SMS
  11. Polls and surveys via SMS